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Swedish Massage: basic relaxation massage used to alleviate stress, improve circulation, calm nerves, and just feel good!

1/2 hr.

1 hr.

1 1/2 hr.

Deep Tissue pr Restorative Sports Massage: deeper pressure and trigger point release to relax sore muscles and relieve pain. Add $10 per hour for this treatment.

Chair Massage: 15 min.

Prenatal Massage: is a wonderful experience for that special mom-to-be! Some benefits include:

  • Stress relief on weight bearing joints
  • Relieves pain
  • Helps maintain proper posture
  • Ensures more energy
  • Provides overall relaxation
  • Increases blood and lymph circulation for both mom and baby
  • Encourages deeper, easier breathing
  • Feels good 

1/2 hr. 

1 hr.

**Parents-to-be, please ask about my prenatal, labor room, and infant massage classes