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Spa Treatments

Body Polish: is a citrus y energizing exfoliation treatment. 45 min. $40

Dry Brushing: exfoliation technique.

15 min

**Bring your brush for the next treatment and receive $5 off.,

Detoxification Treatments

Siddha Massage & Wrap: Herbal massage of cloves, eucalyptus, ginger, allspice, rosemary, and sandalwood infused hazelnut oil soothe and detoxify. Includes dry brush and relaxing face & scalp massage. 75 min.

Algae Wrap: Relax and detoxify while cocooned in soothing comfort! Each experience includes an invigorating dry brush, the wrap, including a face & scalp massage, followed by moisturizing shea butter. 90 min.

Shea butter wrap: Indulge in a deep moisturizing wrap. Includes dry brush and a relaxing face & scalp massage. 1 hr.

Young Living® Raindrop Technique®: This technique combines essential oils and massage for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. 1 hr.